Put Corky’s Into It (yes, your pie-hole)

Before I found a place to live for school, I stayed in an extended stay hotel out by Germantown (where Steven Seagal grew up).

I knew I was in Memphis and therefore by virtue of that I had to go seek BBQ. My friend Derek had driven cross country with me. The closest and most renowned place near our temporary home was Corky’s. Admittedly, since the initial visit, I have been back through the drive through there– during the same week.

Lo and behold once we moved downtown and went over to Super Walmart- there it was – a wall of Corky’s in the frozen food section:

You can expect to pay about 17.00 including tax for a rack of ribs at a Corky’s location. The frozen meals are about 1/3 of that price and just as satisfying.

We moved close to Charlie Vergo’s Rendezvous Ribs that are about the same price.

We haven’t figured out how to get a bbq sandwich late at night yet (we knew where to get a burrito at 3AM in LA), so having some frozen Corky’s around is nice in a pinch.


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I live down by the river, on the edge of a state
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3 Responses to Put Corky’s Into It (yes, your pie-hole)

  1. Mrs. & Mr. says:

    Just added Corky’s to my blog roll of Good Eats in Memphis. My other fav. is Kin’s Palace Cafe on Beale (not BB Kings) for dry rub bbq. These are top picks since many of the other “famous” BBQ places in town can’t match these two. More good eats: http://onenightaweek.wordpress.com/2010/10/18/week-32-know-a-celebrity-eat-like-royalty/

    • Charles says:

      I Love the wings at King’s Palace! It’s like a grilled hot wing. Delicioso! I had them once at the 2010 Memphis In May Celebration and now I can’t stop thinking about them. Good Eats!

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