Little Debbie Has Her Own Photoshop Meme

I have never seen so many Little Debbie products in my entire life as in the West Memphis Walmart. I actually never knew most of these even existed.

As a child, I was aware of and very fond of her Oatmeal Creme Pies and then I graduated to Nutty Bars, but that’s about where it stopped.

Did anyone know about “Cosmic Brownies”? Not I.

Here’s the slew of out there Little Debbie stuff I found at the WMWM (West Memphis Wal-Mart).

Devil Squares- just in time for Halloween.

“Mid-South Pastor Thinks Halloween is EVIL” from My Eyewitness News Memphis

I wonder if he thinks Devil Squares should be banned from Christian households too.

Ok, Cosmic Brownies sounds like something a Californian hippie would come up with.

These are a bit questionable in my book. Most kids have some sort of fear of raisins anyways.

Either they didn’t have this vast array of Little Debbie snacks when I was a kid or we didn’t have the greatest distribution of this line of sugary snacks where I was. I feel deprived.

Here’s mash-ups of Little Debbie all-grown up. Kudos to the artists:

Sugar, crack, same thing.


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