Quintessential to The South

Pig’s feet. “Squeal like a pig”- just makes you think of Deliverance.

When I was a wee teen starting college in The Research Triangle Park in North Carolina, there was this place near Durham called The Starlight Drive-In/Ammo Shop. I kid you not, you could buy bullets and catch a flick all in the same place.

I have a business card somewhere in my childhood keepsake boxes at mom’s as proof. Got to dig it up. I met Bob Groves, the owner, before he died and the place closed up completely in 2007.

I just remember their giant bright pink jar of pickled pigs feet right next to their giant bright greenish-yellow jar of pickled eggs right on the splintery wooden counter.

Since then, I have not seen over the counter pickled pig’s feet, until now on the shelves of WMWM.

How ironic, I just found the Facebook page for the Durham Starlite and they said the land was just bought by Walmart.  See for yourself.

Here’s the proof: see “Gun Shop” and “Picked egg” on the menu–

We really should’ve watched Deliverance again before we moved here. The location in the movie- The Cahulawassee River– it’s in Tennessee.


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I live down by the river, on the edge of a state
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